Thursday, June 01, 2006

Where For Art Thou, Ashley Judd?

How come, Ashley Judd and myself both live in Nashville, but for some reason, I
can't seem to get one of my books to her??? Look at her picture...she SEEMS very approachable, right? She seems nice, right? Yeah....and EXTREMELY difficult to locate, right? Boy you got that right.

For those that don't know my delimma, I am trying to get Ashley to do the lead role in my book/film of "Glittering Secrets". Which, incidentally, takes place in Nashville, and is chock full of Nashville landmarks and references. If anyone out there in cyberspace knows this particular Judd or has a friend of a friend of a friend....please refer her to this blog.


More Musings later....and more begging and pleading for Ashley too, I'm sure.

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