Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Found Ashley!

Yep, after many hours of googling, surfing, yahooing, aol-ing, hotmailing and more, I came across Ashley Judd's email address.

I'll save you the trouble: NO I am not putting her address 'out there' for everyone. Why? If you really feel the need to contact her, you can google, surf, yahoo, aol, hotmail and more to find it too. Trying to be 'responsible' here.

I know that she recieved my emails, cause I have a notifyer that tells me that. Has she replied, Nooooooooo.....but I am hopeful nonetheless.

Ashley? Here's a bit more groveling....PuhLeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzze do the movie??????

More musings and groveling later.

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