Thursday, March 05, 2009

I would like Whine with My Cheese...

Hello all, forgive my last rant about the PDiddy, Pity Pot Blues. I normally don't go on and on like that about my health. But, I guess I needed to. So, I put it out there, and it served it's purpose. After I wrote the rant, I felt stupid complaining. I felt exactly like this baby in the pic. Why me? Why me? Waaahhhh! Well guess what? Why NOT me? Who am I to be exempt from life's little bumps in the road? So, onward and upward.

Shortly after I wrote the rant, I called Mom. If you remember, she has MS and diabetes and a host of other health issues. The conversation went something like this:


"Hey!, how are you?"

"Fine, and you?"

"Fine. "

"You know you don't feel well! You lie like a rug."


"What was it you said earlier?"

"Uh...hmmm I can't remember. I'll think of it. Remember when? uh...hell, I don't know."

"You said something about ... wait, it will come to me. Who am I kidding? no it won't."

"It will. What was it that you said? I'm trying to remember, hang on."

"Did you know that the police caught that guy that uh....what did he do? Something about Crystal Gayle...uh....or was it Walmart?"

"I love you, I'll think of it and call you later."

"Me too. did I say it or did you?"

"Bye Mom, I love you"

"Bye Taryn, I love you too."

She never fails to make me laugh. Thank you Mom.

More Musings Later-

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