Monday, February 09, 2009

Whitney Houston, Kathie Lee and Hoda and More...

I don't know about all of you, but I have been getting my jollies from Saturday Night Live lately. Why? you ask?? They really have talented people on right now although I hated to see Tina Fey and Amy Poehler leave the show. They were the yin and yang of each other.

Which leads me to my first comments on the Grammies from last night. Did anyone see Whitney Houston? Whoa. She looked fabulous but she was still high on something...I thought she might break out in her "Weed is whack" chant with Diane Sawyer any moment. Instead, she introduces Clive Davis and gives her acknowledgement and love to him. ?

Can I get a "Chaka Khan"?
Then, I remembered when Saturday Night Live began having this woman imitate her. She was hysterical, but I had to remember she is a very talented singer that has lost the battle with drugs. At least back then. Is she damaged goods now? Is she always going to talk like that? You think her Aunt Dionne's Psychic Friends would have warned her. All I can say is, Praise Jesus that Cissy Houston has custody of her daughter. Otherwise, she's going to think it's normal living the way she did before.

Moving on to Kathie Lee and Hoda
I have to say I MUCH prefer Kathie Lee working with Hoda than seeing her on with Regis Philbin. I mean, Regis is just too MUCH! He always shouts his sentences in a crescendo with the loudest "oomph" for the exclamation point. I'm shocked he hasn't had a stroke. Then, Kathie Lee was Cody this, Cody that, Cassidy this, Frank that. She was exhausting. Watching "LIVE" left me drained and needing a nap. And, have I noticed that all woman that co-host with Regis are required to stop eating? I didn't even recognize Kelly Ripa when she first started the show.

Why Hoda is better than Reeg..
Hoda is a laid back kinda gal that doesn't care to get on anyone's bad side. She has a cute personality and is willing to take a back seat to Kathie Lee's hangover from the Reeg days. Again, SNL began spoofing them and it is HYSTERICAL. Not so much for the job they do on Hoda, but the woman who does Kathie Lee is dead on. From the goofy dances, talking of hormones, sweating, did I say hormones? and her adventures with the carbon copy of Bill Clinton's sex drive; Frank.

Yes, K & L show the spoofs each week and I cackle each time I see it. And, Kathie Lee gets strangely quiet when they are shown and Hoda sits back and smiles really big for the camera. You can tell she is LOVING it.

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