Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So What do you make of Iran's President coming to New York?

I don't know...sometimes I scratch my head and think to myself, "What in the world are these people thinking?"

Sure, I'm all for inviting speakers with different points of view to speak in our country. It's one of the things that make our country so great. BUT....c'mon, we're not asking an economist to come to New York and make a speech.

We're talking about the President of IRAN. And, while I understood and related to the gentleman who introduced the President, I cringed because the guest was able to put himself in a favorable light by reminding an American of allowing other views to speak before condeming them.

I cringed and it made me mad. Here we were...holding our collective breath in one of our treasured cities who has taken a beating from terrorists in the past. And, in my opinion, we were taking a real chance on his visiting New York City. But, our democracy is just that. It's not always easy to be an American. We have to listen to all voices and not just a few, and when the voice is drenched in lies and half-truths, you have to trust that people will listen carefully.

It's not always easy to trust, is it?

More Musings Later-

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