Friday, March 30, 2007

Pacman is a PUNK

I'll be the first to tell you, I am a HUGE Tennessee Titan fan. I was in heaven last year when we benched our putrid QB and let Vince Young play.
Man, all was right with my football world...Henry Travis was playing great, week in and week out. Vince was well, FREAKLISHLY great. And, Pacman was finally starting to make big plays. That is, when he wasn't in jail or spitting in women's faces at nightclubs.
This guy has so much talent and he chooses, yes CHOOSES to throw it away. He makes too much money and is too priviledged.
Now, he has gone too far. He caused a bouncer in Las Vegas to be paralyzed below the waist. Now the NFL is saying to suspend him for a year.
SUSPEND HIM? Why in the hell would they suspend him? I say FIRE HIM AND FORBID HIM TO RE-ENTER THE NFL PERIOD!
Oh, and Pacman? I think they should take your $54 Million dollar package and give it to your victim in Vegas so that it will pay for his rehab and put his wife through school. That's the reason why he took that job in the first place, after all.
Albert Haynesworth gave the Titans their first black eye, and now you have blackened the other. Not to mention how the top brass treated McNair during his contract talks. I've learned one important thing in all of this: The NFL is a business. Just as calculating and nasty as Corporate America. God Help us All.
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Unknown said...

You are absolutely right, Taryn. Pacman should have to pay for the damages he has done. Any employee of a corporate company would be expected to step down for such behavior. Why should the NFL do less to correct the situation?