Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Notice anything different?

Yep, I have my ebooks on display to the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>
They look pretty good, if I do say so myself. I like to call it my "Virtual Garage Sale"....

Feel free to browse the titles and email if you're interested in buying one or all of them! (A girl can hope, right?)
Conversations with Pearl:

The true story of a woman I worked with via long distance and finally met before she succumbed to Cancer. She was the hootiest, (is that a word?) most bizarre and wonderfully wierd person I ever met! She was downright irreverant. It's a great read.....Project Greenlight gave me rave reviews on that script.

“...As a straight narrative it is touching and impressive…the action is small, personal and dramatic – the subject matter is serious and you have a flair for telling it in a readable conversational way…you have very obvious strengths…you have wit, humor, depth and perspective…”

Missing My Body:

The true story of a young man battling Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy and his journey through life as a quadriplegic. He's a remarkable young man....

The Underbelly of the HR Professional

Yep, I'm that insider's's a funny yet disturbing look at how callous HR people tend to get in their jobs. I call them (cause I was one) "Underpaid Social Workers with a bad attitude".

Glittering Secrets

Good Lord, you must know by now I wrote this one too. I have it posted everywhere.

Be sure to email me if you're interested in any of these books!

More Musings Later-

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Raven Calister said...

Wow congratulations on being a published author! And who is making your book into a movie? Hey I would love to check your books out but there's no links to them anywhere, or mayber there are and I just don't see them.