Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dreams that Define My Next Book...

If you're an author, or even an avid reader, I'm sure you have wondered...."How do other writers come up with book ideas?" Well, I have had major writer's block on coming up with a subject matter that was of interest.

I've had an idea for years on writing a book about the youngest child to be committed to an insane asylum....(fictional of course) and his journeys, breaking out of the hospital and so on. But the subject matter just seems too dark right now. Not so much when you give someone a brief synopsis of the idea, but when you sit down to really write it. So that one is on hold.

BUT....I dreamed last night what I SHOULD write about. (That is a new one for me). I am going to title it, "In My Skin", the same title as one of my poems. Once I copyright the idea, I will expand upon it here.

More Musings Later-

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