Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This has nothing to do with Writing, but....

Rachael Ray. I'd like to take a vote. Those of you that watch the Food Channel know who this person is. My question to you is: Do you like her? or does she grate on your nerves? As you might imagine, she grates on my nerves. Why, you ask?

Top 10 Catch Phrases I can't stand from Rachael Ray
10. "Good to Go"
9. "Let it hang out in the garbage bowl"
8. "Let it hang out in the marinade"
7. "My Daddy's from Louisiana"
6. "Dee-Lish"
5. "Yummo"
4. "Beeeeeautiful"
3. "MMMMmmmmmmm!!!!!!!" (tasting her own food)
2. "Awesome"

1. I can't make up my mind which is more irritating. You decide.

Also: Most irritating part of $40 a Day
When she leaves a 15% tip for the server and it is calculated down to the penny. If I were a server, I would smack her into next week.

Ahhhhhh, I feel better now. How do I know so much about Ms. Ray? Cause I can't stop watching her pesky perky self. That's sick, isn't it????

More musings later-

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