Monday, August 28, 2006

I joined the Gym....UGH

Why? Cause I'm in pitiful shape. When the friendly trainer asked me how many pounds I wanted to lose, my reply was "ALOT".

My legs have been feeling weaker, I'm assuming from the Parkinson's and I am determined to build my strength. The nice trainer man asked me, "What special event is coming up? Why do you want to do this now?" Why? Hello, look at me. But seriously, I didn't want a "special event". I didn't want to "lose it in 6, 9, or 12 months". I didn't want to "hit it Monday" as my grandmother so often declared of her never ending diet. God rest her soul, I just want to start a new healthy habit.

As I did my stomach crunches this morning, and felt my poor stomach cramping. I thought to myself: "Next time you eat fried food, sweets or anything wonderfully gooey. Remember these cramps."

More Musings Later-

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