Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Okay, I've put my "Big Girl Panties" on

That's code for I'm going to try to push forward and behave like an adult.  Although, grief happens at any age and for a variety of reasons.  Moving on.

"The Crying Weenie Player", Jake

Did anyone watch "The Bachelor" last night?  Every year, I swear I won't watch it because it galls me so much and I break it every time.  This year, almost made it.  We were at a friend's house last night and she wanted to see the final show and we all needed to see who Derek Hough would be dancing with this season, am I right, Ladies????

Well, it didn't take long to learn what had transpired.  There's this really handsome pilot named Jake that is 31 years old and still a bachelor.  It was down to 2 girls he was choosing between.  I say "girl" on purpose because they acted as if they had just gotten out of high school.  Their chirpy little voices were Valley Girl-ish and they smiled constantly.  That bugs me. 

"Tin Foil"
One girl's name was Tinsley.  Strange name, and yes, I should talk.  I just refer to her as "Tinfoil".  She was the more mature girl of the two.  Jake liked this girl but told her TO HER FACE, "I'm just not physically attracted to you as I am the other bimbo."  Really?  seems to me that you were knocking the boots the entire season with this one and you were enjoying it.  NOW you decide you're just not that into her?  Okay, I see why you've been a bachelor for so long.  You're a weenie or a player.  You get what you want and then cry about it afterwards. 

"Vicks Vapor Rub"
Then his wife to be is named Viseral, Vision, no, wait...Vicks Vapor Rub, uh...I can't remember.  Blond hair, Valley girl, weird voice, immature as Jake, doesn't get along with anyone.  She is a pitiful one.  Nobody likes her (code for "I'm a bee-otch"), she NEEDS Jake (code for: she has issues and lots of em if she needs a player that crys about it) and she is in love with him.  If I hear that one more time from these girls I will smack them into next week.  They are not in love, but IN LUST.  All they have been doing is humping this guy.  That's it. 

So there ya have it.  Tin Foil lost and Vicks Vapor Rub won.  And, I still don't know which star Derek Hough is dancing with. 

More Musings Later-

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