Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Teen Idols

I actually feel sorry for young girls these days...where are all the teen idols?

Nowadays, they fade in and out faster than most people change their underwear. Right now, I believe that 16 year old David from American Idol is it. Heck, maybe there is someone else? I just don't see the magazines or verbiage that I have come to know and love.

My #1 Teen Idol Favorite (I'm dating myself, so be kind)

David Cassidy

Other Favorites:
Donny Osmond

Jay Osmond

The Osmond Brothers (including the deaf brothers and Marie, oh and Jimmy)

Tony DeFranco
The DeFranco Family (A Hispanic version of the Osmonds)

Michael Jackson
The Jackson 5

Teen Idols that I DIDN"T LIKE

Bobby Sherman - He had the weirdest smile. And, his hair looked like a helmet.

Rick Springfield - He looked like a woman back then with that hair. And, he always had a surprised look on his face. Can we say, "Deported?"

Leif Garrett - He looked like a girl to me. And, I didn't like his pictures because, well...his pants were so tight, you could tell what religion he was. Very frightening for a young, teenage girl. Have you seen him lately? I'm still frightened.

Let's see, as for magazines, I bought a BUTTLOAD of the following:

16 Magazine

Tiger Beat (my preference)

Tiger Beat special editions (focusing on one idol)
And, the verbiage I miss! What do I mean? I'll give you an example.

"David Cassidy is my FAV, COS he is so Dreamy!!!" (I know, GAG)
"The OsBros are going on tour! Be sure and order your Donny pillow case!"
The merchandising alone, these guys raked in major BUCKS

Next post, I'll do a "Where are they now?"
More Musings Later-


Anonymous said...

The last time I checked the Defranco's were Italian.

Another Writer said...

Yup, you're exactly right. Thanks for the correction...

Another Writer said...
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