Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Girl Next Door is PSYCHIC

I don't know about you, but I have discovered a new psychic that is quickly becoming more well-known than John Edwards. And, much more likeable too!

Her name is Lisa Williams and she is a spiky-haired, British young woman with a striking resemblance to Liza Minnelli that happens to be psychic. She is amazingly accurate as well as open and friendly to people. The thing that irritated me most was that Edward's machine gun, rapid-fire speech had me straining to keep up with his descriptions and insight. Williams' speech is pleasant and she seems to care quite alot about people and helping them cope with loved ones living on the other side.
I watched Larry King this last week and he had motor mouth Edwards, Lisa Williams and author, actress Shirley MacLaine. I say, let Edwards take up announcing horse races and spend the entire hour on Williams and MacLaine. The two women had so much insight to offer that I found myself transfixed from start to finish. I'm an admirer of Shirley MacLaine for many years as she is quite brilliant as an author and researcher not to mention a master as an actress. Anyone remember her role in "Defending your Life?" her playful approach to poking fun at herself is what I enjoy most about her.

That, and when a guest was confident his theory of energy and time relativity was accurate and Stephen Hawking's theories weren't. MacLaine's subtle roll of the eyes was priceless.

Alot of people like to play "Who Would" with each other. As in "Who would you like to have dinner with most?" or "Who would you like to have for a sleepover?"

Thinking back to my girlhood days, I would most like to have Lisa Williams over for a slumber party. I bet she would have more to offer than trying to levitate the other girls in the party or telling a scary story with the lights out and a flashlight on under her chin.

More Musings Later- OOOOoooommmmmmmmmmm

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