Monday, October 22, 2007

As the Tennessee Titans Turn....

Yes, I am a HUGE Tennessee Titan fan. But lately, it seems that this football team is becoming a soap opera. What do you mean, you ask?

Pacman Jones - He's bad news. He can't even get a wrestling gig. Why in the hell hasn't Bud Adams cut this guy loose? I say cut our losses and move on. Coach Fisher keeps saying it, but as long as he is listed on the roster, he will be the proverbial ball and chain.

Pacman "Liability" Jones

Last Year's Titans - They were so pitiful it was sad. Then the heavens parted and a certain quarterback by the name of Vince Young took the reins and invigorated an offense that was all but flatlining.

Vince Young - This guy is incredibly talented. He is winning all these awards as a rookie and deservedly so.

Vince Young - This guy is incredibly talented and KNOWS IT. That can be big trouble. Maybe we're a little gun-shy (no pun intended) from the Pacman years, but when I watched CBS's 60 minutes feature on Vince, I became a little anxious. It made me know that Coach Fisher has his hands full. Containing a young quarterback, bringing him along slowly and firmly letting him know he is not above anyone else on the team.

Coach Fisher - His job is tougher than anyone knows. He has to put up with the press in Nashville...not to mention NFL press, he has to put up with Bud Adams, Pacman Jones questions, Vince Young's ego, and the multitudes of other issues that all NFL headcoaches deal with.

Coach Jeff Fisher

I don't know....I still love my TN Titans but I'll feel better when Vince matures a bit and is one less thing for the fans to worry about. I think we got spoiled to Steve McNair. I know I did.

Here's hoping #10 can be more like #9.

Steve McNair after a game with Vince Young

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