Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I TOLD you HR Employees are Mean, I should know, I used to be one.

For those living outside the Tennessee area, a story ran on the news last night where a woman was in tears because she wanted to donate a kidney to a family member who will die without the donation.

It appears that she is a perfect match according to her cousin's doctors and she began taking the steps to prepare. One of those steps is stepping inside that almighty Human Resources office at work to apply for short term disability. The HR executive flatly refused her request and likened her need for leave to that of "getting a breast augmentation". What the HR person failed or fails to realize is that this is not cosmetic surgery, and it is medically necessary in order to save another life. So, the company is refusing to hold her position for her once she is able to return to work.

The woman offering her kidney has 2 children and cannot risk her job coupled with the fact that she works in a rural area where the employment opportunities are limited at best. As the news reporter showed the arm of the man needing the kidney, his mangled veins in his arm caused the viewers to squirm.

The company stood behind the HR decision but my questions are the following: Does this company meet the criteria for FMLA? Does the company have written policy regarding acceptable leaves of absences?

Maybe if that company hired this writer to compose current, well thought out policy and procedures, this situation wouldn't be on the news.

But then again, HR People are Mean.

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