Thursday, February 01, 2007

One-th of the Month!

You know, I took a quick breather from writing today and thought to myself.....

Self, you haven't heard from the production company lately about your book becoming a movie. So, I sent an email and Scott sent me a reply. I have to tell you, it seems surreal.

Hi Taryn,

I promise I haven't forgotten about you. But I have been super busy, in a most beneficial way. The Documentary I shot back in October, has already gained national attention and has a huge underground following, that has thousands to our website.
A few of those people have asked about Glittering Secrets, so yes, there is interest in it. I have just been picked up to shoot another feature, with an approximate budget of $5 million.
But I am going to pass your script on to these executive producers, and let them see their next project.

We are attempting to acquire Morgan Freeman for one of the characters in this other film, if we do, I'll see if he'll mention Glittering Secrets to Ashley Judd.

Take Care,

Scott Norwood
Self, That Ain't Too Shabby!

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