Monday, January 08, 2007


Got a nice surprise over the weekend....I've been establishing a presence over at Writers due to some gentle nudging from a good friend and fellow writer, Debra Gordon. Man, am I glad that I did! I posted a poem I wrote eons ago and a short story as well as my e-books. I've heard nothing but encouragement, praise and a bunch of "atta-girl!'s".

How cool is that? If you're not familiar with it, look over to the side here>>>>>> and click on the black box. Lots and Lots of great writers all wanting to help each other and push the proverbial literary envelope.

Check it out, you won't be sorry. Oh, and visit "Blogginators" listed under groups. You'll be glad you did. Writers are a cool bunch of people, I must say.

More Musings Later-


Helga said...

What a great link! Thanks for sharing and good luck with all your writing!

Unknown said...

Thanks Helga!

Raven Calister said...

Hey, you can also google "Blogginators" and find the link to the group.